What else can happen?

Published 3:17 pm Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I guess weve all had times in our lives when weve had a week we wish we could do over. Im not speaking of major tragedies, thats just life, I mean when one calamity seems to follow another.

It began with a phone call from the owner of sweet little Ned, a terrier mix who was adopted from our shelter about three months ago. Running and playing on their property, he had leapt a little berm and landed badly, severely injuring his left foreleg. Landrum vet had told Debbie and her boys that it was splintered so severely that the best option was to take the leg. Major surgery could be done in Greenville, but it was extremely expensive and probably would result in further pain and additional medical care. Debbie is working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet. I confirmed everything with Tom Maiola (Tommy as I call my friend) and called Debbie back suggesting what to do. Ill handle the fees, I said, you just keep loving him and hell be fine. After awhile, you wont even notice the missing leg.

The next morning before going to work at F.H.S., I stopped at Landrum vet to make sure Neds care would be billed to my fund. When I arrived, Elaine (whos the staff manager at the vets) and another lady were taking what looked to me like a Brittany Spaniel mix from a car on a stretcher. I heard the poor lady sobbing, She just died on me. I rushed over to help and console the woman. It seems her dog had died while whelping and now an effort was being made to save the pups. I kissed the sweet angel lying there and told her, You did your best girl, now lets hope we can save your babies. I informed Elaine about Ned and asked her to bill my fund for his operation and care. Elaine has been there with me many times and knew exactly what to do.

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After work, I stopped in again at Landrum vet to check if Ned had arrived and how he was doing. As I pulled in, I saw my wifes car in the driveway. I rushed in when I saw her & asked, Whats up Elaine? Pablos face is all swollen, she answered, I think he must have chewed a hard toy wrong or something. One look at him and I knew better. Later, Dr. Maiola confirmed that he had been bitten by a Copperhead. Hes in some pain, Lennie, he told me, Ive given him something for that and well treat the snake bite. My poor little Mexican butterflys face was puffed up like a balloon. I picked him up to kiss him and through his daze, he licked my nose. Hell be fine, Len, Tommy went on, Ive treated dozens of these and they all came out without a hitch. I was told the swelling would go away in five days to a week. We agreed to have him stay at the vet and Elaine would pick him up in the morning as I was scheduled at F.H.S. again.

Hows Ned, Tommy? I asked. Hes fine, he replied, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I kissed my little Pablo again and before going to check on Ned, I asked, By the way, did you save any of the pups from that poor dog this morning? No Len, Im afraid she lost them all. I looked up and whispered a silent prayer, Your will be done.

Fast forward through a very hectic week with many other things going on and well find that my little Pablos face is back to normal. His attitude is back to normal also, ruling my household. I just hope hes developed a healthy fear of snakes.

Ive visited Debbie and her two boys, Garrett and Aidan to see how Ned was doing. Id already checked on him the day after they took his leg and he was up and about with his tail wagging and eating his food, great dog.

Ned greeted me at the door and my heart leapt seeing how quickly and wonderfully he was adapting. Later, inside, Ned was going from person to person to get as much loving as he could. I got more than my share. Thanks for all you do, Debbie said to me. No problem dear, I replied, thats what my funds are for. I turned to Garrett, the older of the two boys, who was stroking Ned at the time and asked, Do you still love him? I love him even more, he replied. Right then and there I was positive that it was money well spent.

Thanks for listening.