Dill gives 2010 LHS valedictorian speech

Published 7:52 pm Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good evening and congratulations, Class of 2010!

Four years ago we entered Landrum High School, some students from Campobello Gramling and others from Landrum Junior High and a few from farther schools, all connected by a common goal. We had a chance at a new beginning, a chance to start over, make new friends, and turn the next four years into the best four years of our lives thus far.&bsp; That is exactly what we all did; yes, as the years passed, this goal may have become obscured by mounting piles of homework, by the pressure of SATs and ACTs, and EOCs, and by disagreements with friends. Yet, if one looks past all these difficulties, even laughing about some of them now, the goal of making these years the best years was like an everlasting light that did not flicker but shone steadily through all along.

Ninth grade, we found ourselves in a brand-new school surrounded by new sets of people.&bsp; Hard as we tried to stay close to all those that had been our friends in previous schooling, we began to see less and less of each other and we each set off toward different classes. Yet, we experienced the first taste of attending high school football games and becoming involved in something in which we felt we belonged, whether it was student council, a club, sport or band. We were finally the older kids and could accomplish anything.

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Then tenth grade rolled around and we noticed the same fellow classmates reappearing in all of our classes depending on which path we were taking for our future. We were sad that field trips and class parties would be no more but excited to learn of Ms. McReynolds and Mrs. Givins Halloween surprise. This was the year that Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Baker mentioned the first notices of a senior project or path of AP English. But, senior year that was still so far away. &bsp;

Eleventh grade year, the year of horrible SATs and ACTs. The

year of being one step away from senior year and having the chance to host the prom (which I might add was the very best ever). We all survived U.S. History, some leaving happier than others, but all singing We didnt start the fire, for those who had Coach McCaskill. We left junior year with our class rings and still the goal of making these years the best.

Senior year, we were all so excited because this year was going to be extraordinary. We had made it, or as Mrs. McCool would say, Arriba! Arriba! A year full of excitement, yet hard work.&bsp; Filling out endless applications and scholarships, having pictures made for this and that, and fees for every little thing.&bsp; We all seemed at one point or another wishing for it to end.&bsp; Yet this was the year of homecoming, the year of our senior prom, the time where we found out who our true friends were and finally the day, today, graduation day.

So we did it, we accomplished what we set out to do when we first entered Landrum High School four years ago, we made these past four years the very best.&bsp; However, as we gather here today, this is not goodbyethis is only hello.&bsp; For we shall say hello to a new chapter in our lives and after summer, or today for some, we will go our separate ways.

Many will go to college, others will join the work force or the armed forces yet our goal should be the same as it was four years ago.&bsp; Make these next years of your life the very best you can.&bsp; There will be trials and tribulations as there have been in the past, but never become too disheartened, keep the light of your goal burning and strive to do your very best.

So here is my challenge for you today: You made these past four years the very best, now make it a great life or not, the choice is yours.