A classy affair: LHS graduation

Published 7:57 pm Thursday, June 3, 2010

The new Landrum High School on Friday evening graduated its first class to enter the new school as freshman, one hundred and four students who expressed eagerness to start the next phase of their lives.

The commencement exercises, held in the Landrum High School gymnasium, were a classy affair this year, Landrum high School Principal Brian Sherman said Monday.

It was one of our best graduations ever, he remarked. There was no hollering. It was really a classy ceremony. You dont see that so much anymore.

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Caroline Cann, student council president, said she thought the Class of 2010 had done pretty well in founding a new school student body.

I honestly think we have broken in this school in the finest way possible, Cann said, with state championships, high test scores and memories that will last far beyond the final bell.

It was good to be the first freshman class entering the new facility south of Landrum four years ago, said Salutatorian Rosaruth Parton.

We didnt get picked on as much, she said, because everyone was just as busy as we were trying to find their way around this brand new school.

Students met new friends and made friends with those they had not known before, Parton said.

The kids who went to Campobello mixed easily with those who grew up around Landrum, she pointed out in her salutatory address. As we were joined by a couple Floridians and John from Nebraska, we blossomed not only as friends but as family.

Parton, who plans to attend Clemson University in the fall, received a Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and was active in student government for four years, serving as student body vice president. She was also captain of the soccer team and point guard for the basketball team.

Kathryn Dill, the valedictorian, recalled the new start Landrum High School represented for the class just leaving their middle schools.

We had a chance at a new beginning, she said. and to turn the next four years into the best four years of our lives thus far. That is exactly what we did. And Dill did it with a perfect attendance record for the past 13 years.

Now, she said, is another new start for the Class of 2010.

As we gather here today, this is not goodbye… this is only hello. For we shall say hello to a new chapter in our lives and after summer, or today for some, we will go our separate ways. Make these next four years of your life the very best you can.

Dill will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall. She also received a Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and served as senior class president.

After presenting the 104 diplomas, principal Sherman urged students to chase their dreams and not settle for second best.

He talked about how genius is unrecognized and pointed to examples such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Clint Eastwood, each of whom was assured by others that he did not have the makings of success.

The Titanic was built by experts, Sherman said. The Ark was built by an amateur.

Sherman said the key is hard work, blood, sweat and tears, worked out day by day.

Finally, he urged students not to let anyone elses opinion become your reality. Stick to your dreams, he said, and keep on until you win.

The Landrum High Junior ROTC presented the colors, and Brittany Mahler, senior class vice president, led the pledge of allegiance. Brook Owens, JaNita Wingo and Sarah Wohnig led the audience in the singing of the Alma Mater.

Junior Marshals were Megan Betzel, Emily Dingwell, Stephen Doar, Christopher Downey, Kenneth Human, Jordan Jenkins, Scott Scruggs, Olivia Skellie, Hope Stewart and Madison Walter.

Senior Homeroom Teachers and Sponsors were Dr. Barry Bridwell, Michelle Dover, Christina Graves, Tucker Hamrick, Donna Pace, Denise Riske and Stephanie Vaughn.