What can I do?

Published 3:22 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

Tater was brought to Foothills Humane Society on May 5th by a lady who has found herself homeless. He is a 2 year, 8 month old Basenji mix. His life has had many twists and turns and Im hoping his next stop will be his last. &bsp;

Tater was brought to our lady in question when he was less than a year old by a young man who went into the Army and couldnt keep him.&bsp; Times were better then and she gave him all the love and care that he needed.&bsp; I have never met the woman, but she asked the shelter staff if she could have my phone number and I gave my permission. She has called me twice on Taters behalf. &bsp;

The first phone call was to tell me all the things that Tater likes and to ask how he was doing. I did what I could to ease her mind and promised her that I and our staff would do all we could for Tater and try and find him a good home.

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When we receive dogs such as Tater, oftentimes they are confused and bewildered, not knowing what their new circumstances have in store. Unfortunately, this is not the exception, it is more the rule. We check and tend to all their medical needs, but it is the psychological needs that are just as important. I know for a fact that with the proper care and training just about any dog can learn to conform to its surroundings. Those that do not come around for whatever reason are extremely rare. I have written many tales of difficult cases and Im pleased to say just about every one of them are now in loving homes.

Tater and I have spent lots of time together (I keep my word) as has the staff and Kayla, our great animal trainer. &bsp;

Tater is loving, but excitable, and for the moment doesnt like other dogs. &bsp;

He is totally potty trained, but pulls on his leash, but as of our last walk, is getting better.

Cats are no problem for him, which is good. He absolutely loves to run and is now receiving a few hours free time in our fenced-in area.&bsp; I do love this handsome boy and look forward to the time I get to spend with him.

On my last phone call with the lady who brought him in, I learned she is now spending her evenings at a friends home and will be in a place of her own by June 1st. &bsp;

I informed her that shes in my prayers and that I will tell her when Tater finds a home. Other than prayers, theres not much else I can do. My prayer is soon they will both be in loving and secure homes.

By the way, my sweet boy Cane was adopted last week, so Im here to tell you, prayers do work.

Thanks for listening.