Local trainer sets bench press records at age 63

Published 3:54 pm Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keith Harmon, a local personal trainer based out of DynaBody Gym in Landrum, took first place in the regional powerlifting competition hosted by the American Powerlifting Federation on April 17 in Columbia, S.C.
His final lift of 350 pounds set the state and American bench press records in the 60-64 age class and the 220 lbs. weight bracket.
Lifting that kind of weight is difficult for even a younger man. To do it at the age of 63 in a competition is considered quite a feat of strength. However, Harmon doesnt plan to stop there. He is currently training for a meet later this year in Las Vegas and plans to surpass his own world record of 360 lbs. set in a previous competition. He hopes to set the new world record around 370-380 lbs.
Although these weights may seem unachievable for many lifters, they are the product of following a lifelong regimen and adhering to a few rules that hes learned over the years. Harmons philosophy for lifting is simple: Work out often, keep your form strict, eat healthy, and stay away from drugs. But implementing these seemingly simple rules is often harder than it sounds.
Harmon works out daily at DynaBody Gym where he trains both older and younger lifters. He often points out to clients, “Would you drive a car your whole life without tuning it up? Why would you treat your body any differently?” This type of common sense approach to physical fitness is Harmons hallmark. “Its not complicated,” he says, “I can show anybody how to achieve lasting results with their fitness, regardless of their age.”
Harmon believes that staying in shape and lifting with concrete goals has allowed him to achieve his remarkable success both in the gym and in his personal life. “Lifting, to me, has always been like a marathon, not a sprint,” says Harmon, “Lifters who use steroids are sprinting towards their goal but they burn themselves out early. Lifters who pace themselves and gain naturally are able to go the distance.”
He goes on to explain, “Steady, regular exercise has kept me healthy and fit in all areas of my health. I think that most people would agree membership in a gym is cheaper, safer and much less embarrassing than a bottle of Viagra! Im a firm believer in Jack LaLannes credo: Its never too late to get in shape!”

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