Fitting in

Published 2:43 pm Friday, May 21, 2010

Pablo, our little long-haired Chihuahua is adapting to our household. As you may recall, he was Elaines Mothers day gift. First of all, we learned that he is a Chihuahua/Papillion mix and cute as a button.

I call him our Mexican butterfly who cant hold his licker. Pablo is now top dog in our house, at least he thinks he is. My Boxers, bless their hearts, have instantly accepted him as part of our household, especially big Bruno, whom he follows around everywhere. He made the mistake of trying to mount Allie on the first night and after a quick warning, that ceased immediately. He now sleeps and plays with Allie, but is a lot more cautious than he is with Bruno. Bruno, on the other hand, allows everything. The little fellow climbs all over him, nips at his heels and steals all the toys. He likes rough housing with his big brother and Bruno, with a gleam in his eye, joins in the fun. Ive witnessed them playing tug of war with a pull toy. Pablo pulls with all his might, growling and snarling, showing his prowess. Bruno just holds the other end and takes a step forward now and then giving Pablo the illusion that hes winning. Mind you, were talking about our little 6 pound Mexican butterfly taking on our 80 pound brindle Boxer. It is a joy to behold.

We also have 3 cats, Rojo, Dolce, and Tony. Rojo and Dolce are sister Occie cats who were born from different litters one year apart. They are 21 and 20 years of age, respectively, and have seen it all with animals coming in and out of our household.

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Pablo began chasing the old ladies hoping to make them part of the never ending game and was constantly rebuked by Elaine and I for it. He got the message quickly and after a few days, the chasing ceased and now Rojo and Dolce peacefully go wherever they wish. Tony, on the other hand is a different story,(he was named after Tony Soprano for a reason). Tony loves the game even more than Pablo, hell jump on my lap and play fight with me, all the while purring up a storm with a gleam in his eyes. There I was sitting on my sofa when I witnessed Tony darting down the hallway with Pablo close behind. Two seconds later, Pablo came back in the other direction with Tony at his heels. Ive witnessed the two of them sleeping together and I havent a doubt that before long Rojo and Dolce will join in.

Two nights ago, I had let the dogs out for their last trip of the evening. I put on the porch lights and sat in my chair. After letting them back in, I took a little walk across my lawn, enjoying the quiet balmy evening. The porch lights were attracting moths and when I returned, there was Tony and Pablo, sitting side by side sizing up the insects. With a contented sigh, I thought of the old commercial. Its ten oclock, do you know where your kids are?

Thanks for listening.