Got lights?

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you havent noticed, all of the lights are out at Laughter Pond. I can remember when Brandon, Jolene, Abby and I would go down to the pond in the evening and fish until midnight. You would see families, high school boys fishing and having fun.

I could drive by and see lots of cars parked and people all over fishing.

Once I asked a couple of high school boys why are you here fishing on a Friday night? Their response was there is nothing to do in Polk County, but get in trouble, so we go fishing!

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Now with the lights off from Woodland Mills, Laughter Pond is dead at night what a great loss to Polk County. I can still see in my mind my son in-law fishing on the banks with my daughter. Is there any way to get the lights back on?

On Monday I took Kelly, fly-fishing on Lake Lure. We arrived on the lake at 7:30 a.m. and we started fishing on one of the fingers, working each dock, boathouse and ledge. The water temperature was only 66 degrees, a bit chilly for any action from largemouth bass but we tried anyway. Kelly was using a sinking tip line with a clouser fly and I was working the top with a double taper floating line with a hand tied mouse.

We saw baitfish being followed by a good size largemouth, but no luck. About 10:30 we moved over to the banks on the other side of the lake. The water temperature increased to 71 degrees and we saw more baitfish in large schools.

I continued working the shoreline and over a underwater structure of a couple of downed trees, where we saw two largemouths checking out my mouse. Kelly repositioned the boat for me to get a second chance. After the second cast the fly landed perfectly just behind them. I started working it over them and one started to follow it, and suddenly he hit it. In all that, I didnt set the hook good enough, but, that rush was still there. That was the only hit we had so, we both decided it was time for lunch and went to El Sureno in Lake Lure.

Im going up to the Davidson River fly fishing on Wednesday and hope to have a successful day.

Mountain biking

Trace Ridge trailhead is within a few minutes drive of all trails in the area.&bsp; The Trace Ridge trail will level out onto an old roadbed. But it soon veers steeply uphill to begin the climb up the ridge. The next 2.3 miles are mostly climbing with four long, steep, technical sections. Loose rocks will cause your tires to slip in some places, while windblown piles of leaves hamper your climb in others. The trail will pass over a large rock slab and top out at about 3480 elevation.

After the top of the ridge, it begins a loose rocky downhill, through the ridge line pine-oak forest and mountain laurel shrubs. At the bottom of this is the intersection with the Spencer Branch trail, where youll turn left. This trail plunges straight off the side of the ridge. Its an extremely steep, technical downhill. Dont attempt to ride this section unless you feel comfortable with it its short enough to easily walk. It is followed by a fun, moderately steep/technical downhill through a lush forest of hardwoods, with a few creek crossings.

This information came from check it out.

Here are the directions to this trailhead: From Asheville, take I-240 west to I-26 east. Take Asheville Airport exit (exit 9) and go south (right) on N.C. 280. Just past the intersection with N.C. 191, make a right at the stoplight onto North Mills River Road and follow signs to the North Mills River Recreation area. Just past North Mills River Recreation Area parking lot, make a right onto Wash Creek Road, which is now paved for the first 1/4 mile or so. Follow this for several miles; this is FR 479 although a sign at the beginning used to say 1000.

Turn left onto the first ungated gravel road, which has a concrete low-water bridge, and follow this 0.5 mile to the Trace Ridge trailhead and parking lot. This trail is rated Difficult and not for any beginner rider be careful!