Creative combinations

Published 5:15 pm Friday, May 7, 2010

A couple of years ago I used to have a giggle while driving towards Inman, S.C., on a route that took me past a certain business which advertised itself with a hand-lettered sign reading Bobs Used Car. I never ascertained whether or not there had been a spelling error or if it was simply Bob boldly proclaiming the truth as there was never more than one car at a time for sale in his front yard and perhaps if he sold that battered Crown Victoria, hed have to close up shop. At any rate, unusual combinations of trade are inherently southern and seem to thrive throughout the Carolinas in particular.

My friend, Neal, a dairy farmer from Harmony, has sworn to me more than once that he frequents a Chinese restaurant that also sells flooring. One can walk to the counter, order number 74 with egg-rolls and then muse between laminate or oak.

And not too long ago, a woman called into my radio show to tell me she operates a beauty salon out of her fathers goat farm. The fact that she once had to cut the pine sap out of Billys beard while other customers waited hasnt seemed to deter business one bit. Not to be outdone, an older fellow claimed to have made a good living for years by combining auto body repair and shooting pigeons.

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Theres something to be said for being creative. These people work steadily. In a time when unemployment is still far too high for anyones comfort, perhaps now is the time to offer a second title to our business cards. While Im not sure that Id actually pull in to Burgers and Bait, I certainly wont forget it, either!