Dont know about unions being so innocent

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To the Editor:

I dont know about unions being so innocent, Mr. (Rodney) Gibson (Rhyme or Reason column, April 23). I think the excesses of Detroit unions should take a lot of the blame for the crash of our auto industry. However, I do believe unions are badly needed down here Ive seen too much of workers being treated like slaves.

I do think you make a good point about the subsidies and import duties of other countries. But, lets not go the VAT route Value Added Taxes are dangerous because the final consumer has no way of knowing how much of the product price is tax. &bsp;

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Lets level the playing field via reciprocity. If another country subsidizes&bsp; its exports 15 percent, then we do likewise for shipments to that country. If another country charges 10 percent import duty on our products, then we do likewise for products from that country.

While were at it, lets stop giving foreign aid in dollars give it in our products and services instead. That would help our unemployment problem. &bsp;

Don Ellenberger