Little things matter

Published 3:41 pm Friday, April 23, 2010

Its not always the case that I use my fund to help a sick or hurt animal or place a troubled one. Sometimes it is used to better a situation for an animal that is already in a loving home. Of course Ill never have enough funds to do this often but I do it when I can. Case in point:

A few months ago a lady was abandoned by her husband who left her in severe financial straights. She lost her home and subsequently has moved, found a new job and is in the process of getting back on her feet. She had three dogs who lived on her property and had a garage apartment filled with all the amenities a dog could hope for. These dogs were very much loved and cared for but because of her severe allergies they were pretty much outside dogs.

After their medical needs were addressed (Bonnie Brae helped with one of them for free), the two younger dogs were placed. We agreed she should try to keep Courtney, her 12-year-old Corgi mix, since shed been with her since puppyhood. A special room was set up for Courtney, while air purifiers and constant vacuuming were put into play to help keep the dander down, all to no avail. Our poor lady in question left each morning for work with her eyes all puffy and red and her throat closing from the allergies. Ive come to know and love this little dog and have witnessed the wonderful bond she has with her owner.

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A few months back I spoke with my friend Chuck Davis, whom I know from the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. With the help of two of his Habitat teams, we built some great platforms for the dogs at Pet Tender Angel Rescue. Last week at breakfast I again approached Chuck.

Hi, Buddy, I said, do you think your habitat team is up for another project?

Chuck smiled. Whats up, Lennie?

I explained that I needed to put up a nice dog house and fence in an area for sweet little Courtney. Id buy the materials if he could get a crew to help.

Two days later I received a call from John Hicks, one of Chucks crew leaders, and he opened the conversation with words I love to hear: Whatever you need, Lennie.

Within the week we had checked out the site and I had all the materials in place. That Friday I had to work at the F.H.S. and when I arrived, John and his team were already two hours into the project. I went inside to get Courtney and the only things that slowed us down for the next few hours were loving up the little girl, a bit of rain and the Chinese directions for the dog house assembly (just kidding).

Just as we were finishing up, Dawn, the lady in question, came home and tears and hugs were shared all around. Many thanks to these wonderful gentlemen who are another part of my great support system. And to all of you who contribute to my cause, I hope you are pleased with how I sometimes spend your monies. I can tell you this, sweet Courtney certainly is happy.

Thanks for listening.