Remember this one?

Published 7:51 pm Monday, April 19, 2010

To the Editor:

We should all cut this from the Bulletin and stick it on the refrigerator. We will then be able to evaluate the performance of our current board with respect to taxes, spending and economic health for the upcoming 2010 election cycle.

Here is the latest. Monday April 12, 2010 at the commissioners regular meeting, those in attendance saw first hand how ugly politics and re-election can get. Commissioner Gasperson added an item to the agenda in an effort to minimize public knowledge on a motion to extend water to the Green Creek Community Building.

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The county water extension policy was set long ago and required a 60/40 monetary match. (Sixty percent of the cost to be supplied by the county and forty percent to be supplied by the citizens receiving service.)&bsp; Mr. Gasperson now wishes to pay the entire cost of $17,000 plus dollars from the tax coffers for this project.

This is discrimination. Citizens who have had to pay matching funds should make it a point to be at the next meeting to stop this travesty. &bsp;

I would guess that the $290,000 plus tax increase last year was not earmarked for his re-election campaign.

Keith Holbert