Good to see on front page

Published 7:58 pm Monday, April 19, 2010

To the Editor:

There are many heartening articles and letters in the TDB which prompt me to write. Kudos to Leah Justice for her lead article, Got that small town feel back in the April 2 edition of the TDB.&bsp; Its heartening to see an article on the front page acknowledging how residents and officials are applauding Columbus new short sign looks.&bsp; &bsp;

I am even more encouraged to read that current and past council members say they would like to see other revitalization projects happen in the town in the future.

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I heartily agree with former Mayor Kathleen McMillan, who was part of the 2003 decision to remove the tall signs, when she says, The beautification of the courthouse and downtown would greatly improve the image of the Town of Columbus.

Two good ways to start improving the image of Columbus come to mind. First would be the establishment of at least two garden clubs that could do for Columbus what other garden clubs have done to beautify Tryon, Lynn, Saluda and Landrums public places. Second, removal of the above ground wires on the main thoroughfare would enhance the view of the mountains and efforts made by several businesses to beautify their street fronts.

Finally, as a resident of Chocolate Drop Mountain Road, I would like to express my appreciation to those who make it a point to advocate that we continue to bear in mind and learn from the mistakes made in allowing the development of Chocolate Drop Mountain to proceed without adequate protective ordinances or strict monitoring of road construction and development plans once the development was voluntarily annexed by Columbus.

Alvin Pack has made the best suggestion yet. In his letter of March 30 to the TDB, he refers to Mother Natures million-year-old daughter, Chocolate Drop Mountain, and says, it would be wise to admit wrong, replant the trees and let mother nature get back to her work. &bsp;

Patricia Gass