Tryon water plant rehabilitation delayed

Published 4:14 pm Friday, April 16, 2010

The rehabilitation of Tryons water plant is going to be completed a few months later than expected.
Tryon officials says they have run into several minor problems, which has slowed the progress. Several change orders, each of which have pushed back the completion date have been done and more are expected. The completion date was earlier expected for April 16.
Tryon Water Plant Supervisor Betty Jones says the most recent change order puts the completion date at May 18, but others are expected, so she is hoping to have the rehabilitation completed by June 30.
Tryon is rehabbing its water plant for about $3 million. The project began last year and includes many upgrades, including a new building to house the flash mix and flocculation chamber, which gives the plant more retention time.
Other upgrades to the plant include rehabbing the old water plant building into offices and the needed expansion of the new outdoor building as well as replacing eight chemical feed pumps and fixing the old water plant roof, among other improvements.
Once complete, the town will be able to utilize both its current water source of Lake Lanier and be able to treat the towns old mountain water source.
The town will use the mountain water source when its available and will be able to use just Lake Lanier, just mountain water or a combination of the two, depending on availability and need. The mountain water source is not viable during either drought or heavy rain conditions, but can be used as an additional source to Lake Lanier.
Jones gives a monthly update to Tryon Town Council on the progress of the rehab.

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