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Published 4:05 pm Monday, April 12, 2010

There are countless stories to be told, but there are times I get caught up with too many other things to find the time.&bsp; Lets just say there are back orders to fill and though a new one pops up daily, today I just wish to talk of some previous cases that still need attention. If you can, please consider these animals and if you can help with a solution, by all means, contact me and Ill do all in my power to make it happen.

Lorelei, from Abandoned, currently being fostered, as told in a follow-up story, She fills my heart.

Cane, a sweet Shepherd-Golden mix, around two years old. from Whose fault is it? The family lost their home and though hes confused, through it all Cane remains loving and joyful.

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Cosmo, a two-year-old Lab-Pit mix, from Why I do it? Abandoned at five months old, brought to a loving home for two years and because of circumstances I wont go into, is now in a foster getting along wonderfully with a host of other dogs. Great boy give him a chance.

Hugo, a two-year-old American Bulldog, from White Christmas. A strong boy who is absolutely full of himself, Hugo needs a home with someone who absolutely understands this breed. In the meantime we are frantically trying to find the proper rescue for him. My favorite time each day is when I do a one-on-one with Hugo, where he runs free and then sits to wash my face and I love him up. When done I simply say, back in your house and in he goes. I call him my magnificent beast.

Babe, my newest sweetheart, A babe in the woods.&bsp; All I can say about her is that shes ready to go and gives back love tenfold to any that she gets. This little girl can turn a house into a home.

Besides all this we have wonderful bounce-backs, that you know make me crazy.&bsp; Shay, Faith, and Raylee, all dogs that were loved but just didnt fit for one reason or another.

What can I say that I havent already said?&bsp; My pleas remain the same. I cant thank you all enough for your support. As always, dear readers,

Thanks for listening.