WiFi box already open downtown

Published 7:31 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To the Editor:

Recently, some concerns have been voiced over Tryons goal of making wireless internet (WiFi) available for all of downtown. I believe its true that humans are affected by radio waves, but I dont believe Tryon is a good place to run from them.

WiFi is part of business in 2010 and the businesses in Tryon are on board with it in a big way.

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Down near The Shops of Tryon one can find six to eight overlapping WiFi systems. Up near 10 North Trade Cafe, another six or so are installed. Searching around, youll find that WiFi signals thickly blanket the entire downtown area.

Adding one more WiFi system isnt going to make a big change in the radio power in the area. Its possible, however, that it could supplant some of the currently installed systems which are open to the public.

Having freely available WiFi will make spending time and money here easier and more enjoyable both for residents and out-of-town guests. It will bring ninasimoneproject.org to the Nina Simone statue and tryonarts.org to the doorstep of TFAC. It will bring visitors information to travelers and money to the Tryon businesses those travelers will be able to search out on their mobile internet devices.

If youre alarmed by WiFi in downtown Tryon, Im sorry to say that Pandora has already opened that box. Lets look on the bright side and use what we already have to our best advantage.

Tony Mayse