There is a Santa Claus

Published 5:43 pm Monday, March 22, 2010

To the Editor:

The letter from Dorothy A. Phillips printed on Mar 17 screams for a reply. I question who it is that is behaving badly indeed could it be the Democrats who meet behind closed doors with the Republicans locked out.

To fulfill the promises of his election -Obama isnt coming even close to fulfilling his promises, e.g. running a transparent government.

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Disrespectful – yes, real presidents should be respected, but remember, Obama wont respect the American people by producing a legitimate birth certificate.

Regarding Miranda rights being part of the normal arrest procedure absolutely right, for American citizens. The Constitution only protects the rights of American citizens.

In the meetings with Republicans, Obama listened to their positions on health care, right before he denied all of them.

Republicans want him to fail in his monstrous health care bill that would bankrupt our grandchildren yes, he should fail.

The only thing Obama excels in is speech making he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. &bsp;

Yes Dorothy, there is a Santa Claus, but there is no free lunch.

Don Ellenberger