Lifes never dull at Lake, with pirates on pontoons

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When I was asked to write this column, I thought it would be fairly straight forward, but as with many things, it is difficult to decide where to start.

After rejecting several alternatives, I decided to begin at the beginning by describing our community.&bsp; Since we are one of the newer communities in this area, this approach will hopefully be informative. &bsp;

The community has matured a great deal since its inception, and the critical mass of permanent residents needed to become a real community has been reached.

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It is not my intent to dwell on the physical attributes of our community, but rather on the social aspects. My wife Arlene and I built one of the first homes on the lake and have been extremely pleased with how the lake has developed as a community.

Essentially, the Lake Adger community consists of individuals who are here primarily because of what the lake has to offer.&bsp; (I will resist the temptation to refer to them as the LA Lakers.) &bsp;

In addition, there are residents here who are primarily interested in the equestrian aspect of the lake and reside in mini horse farms that are nearby, but not on the lake.

In an effort to bring the community together, Lake Adger Friends was formed. This organization is open to all members of the community for a modest annual dues payment.&bsp; Lake Adger Friends has several social events throughout the year that, in addition to being a great deal of fun, also helps us raise money for the Mill Spring and Sunny View Volunteer Fire Departments.

In addition to socials, there are several annual events that merit a mention. First and foremost is the annual Fourth of July boat parade. This parade began with a mere 15 or so boats and has evolved to more than thirty boats, most of which are painstakingly decorated. &bsp;

One of our winners built a pirate ship on his pontoon boat complete with crows nest, a plank with a lovely young woman in the process of walking it, and donut hole cannons. The wife of the individual who decorated said boat was not initially happy with holes being drilled in the floor of the boat.

Lake Adger Friends also has several special interest groups who meet on a regular basis. There is a bunco group, several card playing groups, supper clubs, a book club, and a garden club. The Lake Adger Garden Club is worthy of special mention.&bsp; They have decorated our community for the holidays for the past several years in grand style.

The club has also taken on several projects to beautify the community. The members have planted bulbs throughout the property and have planted several crepe myrtles at our south entrance. &bsp;

The garden club has great plans for the future and has earned the support and admiration of the entire community.

The book club has also gotten involved in the greater community of Polk County.&bsp; The book club has had programs at the Polk County Library, the Lanier Library, and most recently at the Polk County Historical Association. &bsp;

Each holiday season, the book club purchases childrens books and donates them to the Polk County Library.

In addition to the formal structure of Lake Adger Friends, there is spontaneous social interaction on a daily basis.&bsp; It is rare to see one pontoon boat on the lake that is not tied up to another one or more than one engaged in social activity be it cocktails, watching the sunset, or just plain socializing. &bsp;

Life on Lake Adger is seldom dull. I will attempt in ensuing months to present some of our activities in greater detail, hopefully providing a good flavor of life here.