Calling cows

Published 4:14 pm Friday, March 12, 2010

It is an interesting experience as a columnist living in a retirement center. Since we share a meal in the dining hall once a day with other residents, I have a built-in group of people who are free with their comments. Fortunately, they are of the humorous variety which I thoroughly enjoy. When I did a recent column on toilet paper, there was hardly anyone who did not let me know if they were an over the top or underneath person as far as the way the paper emerged.&bsp; In fact, one man signals me continuously that&bsp; he is an over. I believe the overs won handedly, but I may be prejudiced as that is my preference.

I also have gotten numerous suggestions that I write a column about the people in our center. When I reply that my next column will be about them, I discover that they shy away and have someone else in mind. I always tell them my next column will definitely be about them just to keep them on edge.

I have come to enjoy the discussions that are held at the various tables. One table in particular seem to have a real knack for getting in to some real wild subjects.

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Recently, they were in a heated discussion on the proper way to call cows back to the barn. One member, who had grown up on a farm seemed to have the answer, but his colleagues apparently werent buying his explanation. Another person came to our table to ask me for the answer. They couldnt have made a worse choice as I was not farm-raised. I did locate a website where a farmer describes his method. Somebody from still another table said this was all unnecessary as cows by instinct knew when it was time to go to the barn.

If you are perplexed by some important subject, I will be glad to refer it to the&bsp; table where these deep discussions are held.

Seriously, as long as we can laugh life can be most pleasant. My wife and I are in a great facility with great neighbors and friends and a staff that works hard to make life enjoyable.