Know move to unaffiliated took soul searching

Published 8:20 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To the Editor:

Having publicly left the Democratic Party a year or so ago, I know that Warren Watsons and Tommy Meltons decisions to leave the party were not easy for them.

Tommy discussed his decision with me before he went public, but I had no contact with Warren before he made his decision and went public.

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Even though I wasnt an elected Polk County official, I still felt some trepidation about my decision to change my affiliation from Democrat to unaffiliated. After all, I had been a Democrat all of my adult life. My concerns were more about what my friends in the party would think of me and how they might react to my decision.

Just as my decision wasnt something that I rushed into, I strongly doubt that either Warren or Tommy made theirs hastily. They both gave their decisions a lot of forethought.

But in the end, they had to be true to themselves and their sense of service to the people of Polk County, not to a political agenda or party. I know this took some soul searching and I applaud the courage it took for them to make that tough decision.

Tommy and Warren are both running unaffiliated with any party for re-election as County Commissioners. Because of election rules, made by the political parties, they are required to obtain almost 600 signatures on petitions before they become official candidates.

I have signed both of their petitions. I hope people who want better government, regardless of which party the candidates belong to, will sign their petitions too.

Neb Conner