God helps those who help themselves

Published 8:22 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To the Editor:

So many residents, past and present, are proud of using the name of Tryon. Even in far flung areas as Tryon Estates (not Columbus Estates), Tryon Riding & Hunt Club with so much of those areas involved used by that club not in Tryon. Then there is the Links of Tryon how many miles from Morris and in another state?

OK, fine and good for us, right? Well then, why is it that so many of Tryon residents are not giving our town a hand (and ourselves) in clearing, cleaning, raking, picking up trash in and around the home, yard, street and ditches? Maybe one hour weekly in doing something outside would help immensely. Make the outside businesses proud for the use of the name Tryon.

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It seems some good examples are not enough to instill pride of place.

Weve all worked hard to enable ourselves to live here. Lets work a bit more. Make the town worthy of its residents. Give the town (and ourselves) a helping hand. It certainly wont hurt. God helps those who help themselves.

Faith Hammond