Congress goes the full monty

Published 8:26 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To the Editor:

Wow. The Boys On The Hill are at it again. Youve all seen todays story about Rep. Massa being confronted in the Congressional Gym showers, by a nudie Rahm Emanuel, who, with not even a towel wrapped around his tush, proceeded to lambast Massa, who, himself was, naked as a jaybird?

Well, my mid-life-menopausal-imagination just had to run wild with this Kodak Moment.

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Ladies, it seems we are missing out on all the fun. I am disappointed that not one of the other buff Congressmen did not have the presence of mind to whip out his iPhone or Blackberry, and post this gladiatorial event on YouTube. Yes, I did a Google for Rahm, naked, Congressional gym.

Suppose naked confrontation becomes the norm for all matters political and legal? Think of it: Congress is now in session. Please doff your clothes, come to order, and, no hidden agendas, please.

Imagine all trials nationwide conducted in the buff. Court will now come to order. The members of the jury will please be seated. This could give new meaning to the term, Hung Jury.

Debra Halborn