Appreciation of Unaffiliated

Published 8:26 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To the Editor:

I was recently reading the Tryon Daily Bulletin dated March 1, 2010 and came across Warren Watsons article stating his decision to change his status for registration to Unaffiliated. As I read his explanation, I was struck by an awareness of how familiar this story sounds.

Too often a partisanship mentality is represented in our daily lives. It tends to stifle the productivity of truly motivated persons. It can be apparent in our family life, churches or place of employment to the point of utter frustration and unfairness, stealing the sense of ownership vital to the spirit of fellowship and community.

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It is my belief that a person in an elected official, director, management, and/or leadership role will foster cooperation and communication if they take a stand as an unbiased representative.

This helps to keep each persons perspective on the table with respect and consideration. It also alleviates the tendency toward personal attacks or reactivity.

One example of a recent encounter with a partisan type control issue involved changing a dress code policy by the management of St. Lukes Hospitals Medical-Surgical Department.

The decision to change the dress code to all-white uniforms for the nursing staff and differentiating tops for the CNAs was to be implemented within 1-2 months. This was based on an international study which concluded that the public favors this form of distinction to identify the role of the wearer. I have a divided appreciation of the reaction to this study by management.

Having 20 years of nursing experience, I appreciate the potential positive benefit to the public alleged in the study. However, the results of the study did not compel management to implement the recommendations without consideration of all points of view.

Further, no consideration was given to phasing the changes in over a sufficient period of time. (Even the new sign ordinance for the Town of Columbus allowed such a transition to take place).

Such would have, at least, validated opposing points of view and softened the economic impact for staff members who have recently purchased uniforms that will not comply with the new standard.

Given the overall state of the economy with salary freezes and the like, I do not believe it is appropriate to assign new marching orders of this nature.

The moral of the story is, while appearance is important, it may or may not be representative of the underlying reality.

To Warren Watson, I applaud your approach to aid in the well-being of the citizens of this county and support your position that targets a broader span of ideals and values.

You may have my signature on the petition. May we all learn from our shortcomings and embrace teamwork that recognizes and considers everyones interest and well being.

Deborah H. Hedgepath