Deliveries warm our hearts

Published 9:19 pm Monday, March 8, 2010

Editors Note: following is a letter of appreciation written by Polk County Sheriff Donald Hill to those who contribute to the needy fund. The sheriffs office has been delivering blankets and heating assistance to families in need across the county during these winter months.
Sheriff Donald Hill
Everyone throughout the nation has suffered as a result of our poor economic conditions including many of our neighbors and friends. The Polk County Sheriffs Office under the direction of the late Sheriff Boyce Carswell initiated a program to help those in need during winter and Christmas some 25 plus years ago and it continues still today.
This program has survived as a result of gracious donors primarily within the county providing the sheriffs office with monetary contributions, food, toys, clothing and fuel for heat. I personally have participated in distribution of these resources throughout our county for some 18 years and the Polk County County Sheriffs Office with your continued support will strive to provide this service to all those in need across the county for years to come.
Those friends and neighbors being assisted throughout our county have asked me repeatedly to convey their gratitude to each of you who have participated. I am writing today to express my appreciation on behalf of these individuals as well as myself for your gifts.
Every time we make a delivery of these items it warms our hearts as much as it does those recipients and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate each of you.

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