A common sense vote

Published 6:49 pm Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To the Editor:

When I was in the third grade, a simple question was put to us children, Which would you prefer, ice cream or the cow?&bsp; Being third graders, we obviously all chose ice cream. &bsp;

In recent years it seems more and more people have voted for ice cream, ignoring the fact that somebody has to feed the cow and pick up after it, and look where its gotten us.

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My good friend, Harry Denton, is running for Polk County Commissioner once again and he solidly has my endorsement. The reasons go farther then my friendship, to be honest, I have many friends that I wouldnt even dream of voting for. &bsp;

Twice I went to Harry when there was a problem regarding the Foothills Humane Society that we needed solved and each time he succeeded in sensibly granting my request. Both requests wound up not only being better for the animals but always better for the community.

Still, that was a personal thing and not the only reason Im endorsing Harry. While sitting at a few county meetings, I noticed that each time a specific project came to the table Harry Denton would ask, How are we going to pay for this? &bsp;

It was not that he was against these projects, he was looking for common sense solutions, rather than just throwing money at it.&bsp; The results of his efforts were that he was voted out of office. &bsp;

Well hes running again and I hope weve learned our lesson.

Im anxious to see how many of our voters are still stuck in the third grade, voting for ice cream.

Leonard Rizzo