March classes at ICC Polk campus

Published 3:59 pm Friday, February 26, 2010

Register now for these classes starting in March at the Polk Campus of Isothermal Community College.

Seniors Compute Communicate with friends, family and the world. Instructor Mike Kleiner takes you from learning to turn on the computer, use the mouse and navigate the keyboard to email, the World Wide Web, word processing and tracking your finances.

Website Tonight If you really want to put your business, non-profit or personal information on the World Wide Web (www), this is your chance. Instructor Eddie Etchy Yountz will teach you how to purchase a domain name, find an affordable web hosting service, and use the applications available online to build your website.

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Polk County History Historian Anna Pack Conner shares the history of North Carolina, how the counties were formed, a history of Polk County towns and communities, many pictures and maps, and a look at the citizens who made significant contributions to our heritage.

Fitness Simplified Summer is right around the corner.&bsp; Get fit and trim without high impact exercise or starvation diets using the simple and easy techniques taught in this class by instructor Lea Hyvonen.

Beginning Drawing This course will teach you the basic skills needed to draw well and to tap into your natural artistic abilities and creativity. You can do this by learning to see as an artist sees. Instructor Don Blackwell will teach you to process visual information in the same way as artists.

Intermediate Drawing Learn new methods and exercises to help you reach a higher level of proficiency in drawing with instructor Don Blackwell.

Pen and Ink Learn how to create artwork using ink as your medium. Instructor Don Blackwell will give you clear and concise instruction in the techniques and materials used in pen and ink drawings.

Abstract Expressionist Discover your inner artist without fear of failure. Instructor Patricia Cole-Ferullo will lead you to experiment, open up to your creativity, and act on your intuition and imagination; to have fun playing with paint, pencil, crayon – whatever makes a mark.

3-D Assemblage/Collage/Mixed Media Instructor Dom Ferullo will show you how to create rusted papers and fabric from old magazines and fabric scraps, make opulent translucent papers and utilize unusual collage/assemblage materials. By combining several media, you will learn unique methods of glazing, creating textured surfaces, and 3 dimensional applications along with layering processes.

The Art of Art Appreciation This course explores aspects of the visual arts including ways to read a work of art; our expectations and the artists intent; what, why, and for whom the artist creates. Throughout the course youll examine the changing perceptions of art and the artist in time and culture. Instructor: Ben Pfingstag

Ireland: The Stories of Her History Recently returning from his annual residency in his homeland, Dennis Sommers will enchant as he shares Irelands history. Come learn about Ireland from the very beginning, following her history through the barbaric Viking Period, medieval Ireland, up through the present.

Divergencies We now live in a Post Imperial, a Post Colonial, a Post Cold War and even a Post Industrial world, a Brave New World of sortsbut of whose design? The economic meltdown of September 2008 reflects the blurring and merging of these trends. This brief survey raises questions about the real limits of power and how little America can actually achieve on its own. Instructor: Ron Cliff

Grant Writing Clinic Whether youre in education, non-profit or business, you need to know how to access the grant money thats available. Join professional grant writer Robin Edgar to learn how to improve your grant proposals before you submit them.

Notary Public Become a Notary Public. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED. This class will prepare you for the required North Carolina test.

Check ICCs Spring 2010 brochure online at or call 828-894-3092 for more details or to register for classes.