People of this country deserve health care

Published 7:38 pm Thursday, February 25, 2010

To the Editor:

We have heard much about health care in recent months, much of which was deliberate misinformation. Please consider these facts.

This country, presumably one of the wealthiest in the world, ranks 29th in the world in infant mortality rate.

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Nearly one-half&bsp; of all bankruptcies in this country were filed by working families who had suffered a major illness or injury.

While the people of this country continue to suffer from the high cost of medical attention, the profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies continue to soar.

Much has been said about socialism. Other nations have health care for all: Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Formosa; and none of these countries is considered socialist. Great Britain and Canada are socialist, but that works for them, and what does the name matter if it works. &bsp;

Who among us would end the Postal Service, or the Military, or the protective services (the firefighters, the police, the patrolmen, the inspection agencies, etc.) the highway department, or public education, and more?&bsp; These agencies are financed by the government to serve all the people. Why not health care?

The people of this country deserve health care, and the time is now.

Glennie Casey