Act like an Oval Office tiger

Published 7:35 pm Thursday, February 25, 2010

To the Editor:

An article in the weekly review published by the Christian Science Monitor attracted my attention this week.

Titled Obama v. his Enemies and written by Walter Rodgers, a former senior international correspondent CNN, it described the seriousness of the attacks on the Obama presidency.

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Republicans and their cohorts, the pharmaceutical, health insurance and banking industries, delight in his set-backs, they truly want him to fail. They have a strategy to harass and embarrass him in every way possible in preparation for Republican victories in the November mid-term elections.

Their attitudes are mean-spirited, discourteous and disrespectful. They call him names, liar, from a House member and the same word mouthed by a Supreme Court Justice.

Senator Shelby, Alabama, placed a hold on approval of all outstanding Obama administrative positions until his state gets a counter terrorism contract.

They question his commitment to national security, and rant that he allows terrorist to be given their Miranda rights in a civil arrest. Thats part of the normal arrest procedure, all of a sudden its a national disgrace.

On Jan. 30 he called a GOP conference to enlist their support to be partners for progress. On Feb. 25 hes doing another one to be televised. The President says, Im not an unreasonable man, Ill listen to your proposals.

They are forced to attend but thats the extent of cooperation.

The following quote is from the article:

Even more salient is the fact that Obama is black and risks being seen as uppity and combative in a country still acclimating to its first African American president. White congressional Republicans can savage him but a black president cant reciprocate.

To fulfill the promises of his election Rodgers says Obama must give up being a rational and reasonable human being an start acting like an Oval Office tiger.

The Republicans, behaving very badly indeed, make our Presidents essential decency look very good indeed. His acceptance of Republican positions, off-shore drilling for oil, building nuclear plants, high speed rail puts pressure on them to accept stimulus spending to provide jobs.

Remind them, Mr. President, that the Emergency Room Attendance Plan is not a satisfactory reform of our health system. Mr. President, act like an Oval Office tiger.

Dorothy A. Phillips