Wake up North Carolinians

Published 6:31 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

I read with much interest your laudatory article about World View and the role that organization plans to take in the education of our children.

World View is a left-wing organization made no cleaner by its association with UNC Chapel Hill.

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For instance, the education they would provide our children about the Middle East will come through sources at Amideast, a group that contains absolutely no information from Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East today.

Amideast would have our children learn the wonderful ways of the dictatorship in Egypt, the monarchy in Jordan, an increasingly hostile Turkey and a terror-sponsoring United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, Israel will be ethically cleansed from our childrens curriculum.

Americans continue to spend 2-3 times the money of other nations on our education system while we watch our students do poorer and poorer in math and sciences, the true means to establishing our global future. In addition, North Carolina is considering changes to the way we teach American history that will leave our students ignorant of the wonder of our founding fathers and the basis of the incredible republican democracy they created and the free nation of entrepreneurs it helped to create.

Initiatives such as these only lead parents to re-think the idea of moving to private schools, religious schools and home schooling – the few places that will be left providing true quality education to children.

Rather&bsp; than throw more time and money chasing politically correct concepts such as globalism – at all grade levels no less – it is past time we re-focus on the 3Rs and get our children truly competitive in the global market place.

How many of you believe that the nations that are rapidly outstripping us in the global economy are busy teaching globalism and respecting foreign cultures, like the U.S., in their classrooms?

Wake up North Carolinians, your left wing schools will be teaching your children how to be good worker bees for companies created by the truly competitive nations.

Stuart Goldstein