Perhaps you missed this article

Published 6:24 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Dear Mr. Meng – Perhaps you missed this article last week, on the internet news?

Published: Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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The National Post

ST. JOHNS, N.L. — Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week in the United States.

Deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale confirmed the treatment at a news conference Tuesday, but would not reveal the location of the operation or how it would be paid for.

He has gone to a renowned expert in the procedure that he needs to have done, said Ms. Dunderdale, who will become acting premier while Mr. Williams is away for three to 12 weeks.

In consultation with his own doctors, hes decided to go that route.

Mr. Williams decision to leave Canada for the surgery has raised eyebrows over his apparent shunning of Canadas health-care system.

It was never an option offered to him to have this procedure done in this province, said Ms. Dunderdale, refusing to answer whether the procedure could be done elsewhere in Canada.

And now, to replay Heinz Meng from his Republican-bashing Letter to The TDB Editor, regarding our dire need for Socialized Medicine:

For the few that have not the brains to figure out that it would be beneficial for our society [to] go to any other country and learn your lessons.

Mr. Meng, next time you need major surgery; apply for your Passport, pack your bags, (be sure to write your will), and seek medical care in any other country where, I am sure, you will receive the utmost treatment by highly qualified, renowned experts.

Debra Halborn;

a fanatic, dumb,

working class Republican