Historical Tryon home to be auctioned

Published 6:30 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

In your newspaper I purchased today there was a notation on page 13 that totally set me a-back. This Tryon historical home constructed by the Peet Palmolive Soap family in 1935 on Hawks Haunt Lane is to be auctioned off on the county courthouse for conducting the sale on February 19, 2010 at 1:00 PM.

I have much concern for my neighbor….and for our entire community.

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For me, as I am the next door neighbor and our homes were one in 1935, I was shocked and dismayed.&bsp; My first thought was why this neighbor did not contact one of our fine realtors to try and sell her home prior to this bank foreclosure.

My neighbors home at 310 Hawks Haunt was constructed in 1935 by two sisters of the Peet Palmolive Family.&bsp; This is a historical home in Tryon constructed by an architect from NY, with stunning 1935 details…three floors built on a native granite foundation…on over 5 acres; with oak floors, stucco walls, oak beams, and a beautiful stair to the 2nd floor. That describes just a few of the historical details. &bsp;

For many years I encouraged my neighbor to obtain historical status for this home.&bsp; My home was the guest house…and then in the 1950s the homes were sold separately.&bsp; (My home now enters from Jericho Drive). However, it should be noted that my home still faces south to the main home and a shadow of the former road connecting the two properties can still be viewed.

Unfortunately the historical records of both properties that were bound, filed and kept safe for 64 years were discarded by the previous owners of my home.&bsp; Mr. & Mrs. Cappleman, long time residents of Tryon that lived in my home for over 15 wonderful years, they said, were intrusted with these historical documents for both properties.&bsp; Unfortunately my home was sold in 1999, when the Capplemans moved to Melrose Ave in Tryon, and the new owners from Lyman, SC, that only resided her in Tryon for 2 years, received historical documents,….and then discarded documents in the trash.&bsp; Only desiring a quick real estate flip profit…and then to flee back to SC, they were not interested in Tryon history.

Both the Capplemans and I were devastated when told by Mrs. Shipley that my sellers had discarded Tryon historical documents, as I had searched throughout my home for these records per the Capplemans instructions.&bsp; Their instructions were precise: The owners of 95 Jericho Drive were to keep documents safe and provide to buyer, as this was the history of the property.

Alas, in 2010 we have a Tryon historical home at 310 Hawks Haunt Drive that should be valued by our community…and there are no historical records.

The loan amount from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is $185,000 on a 3,500 sf historical home on over 5 acres.

In my meager appraisal, the home is worth quadruple of the loan. At $25,000/acre x over 5 acres =$125,000.&bsp; Then one must understand the value of the 3,500 sf home.&bsp; You do the math.

Catherine Benson