Drew would make a great lawyer

Published 6:26 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

I have read Drew Millards columns for the past few years with amusement at his juvenile views on life.&bsp; Ever the optimist, I had hoped his columns would mature as he left the security of his home and off to college.&bsp; Sadly, that has not happened.&bsp; I was most disappointed in his column last week, and I feel the need to respond.

Im sure Drews parents must be very proud of their sons accomplishments where he boasts to have totaled two cars in his short driving career.

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What is Drews lifetime car wrecking goal? 20, 50? Admirable goal. Makes me wonder what Drew wants to be when he grows up? A high school driving instructor? Maybe he is studying auto repair? What he should study is law.

He would make a great lawyer because his column used a tactic that lawyers use when they know they have a client that is guilty but they want to divert the attention away from the client. So the lawyer destroys the victims reputation just as Drew did.

Now Drew tells us the other car (i.e. the victim) in this accident that the police cited him for causing; this young lady who was driving in her own lane minding her own business at the time of the accident was so distraught, (according to Drew) a blithering idiot, after the accident that Drew had to save the day by being the one to call the police. Then Drew slyly indicated that she was probably texting while driving so she didnt see him changing lanes so it was her fault not his.

Then Drew throws in the piece de resistance by suggesting she is on drugs and that she&bsp; wants to get more drugs from him; a person she has never met before but she asks him if he has any drugs. And the oh, so good Drew covers for her and doesnt tell the police.&bsp; Hes such a magnanimous person he is going to take the hit with a ticket and points on his insurance and another totaled vehicle just so this drug addict wont get caught. Yes, Drew would make an excellent lawyer.

He has now slandered this young ladys reputation just to prove to himself that he did not cause this accident. That it had to be this drug-crazed, texting woman and he is the hero by keeping a clear mind. Im sure his parents must be very proud. They are probably smiling every month while walking their monthly payment check over to the insurance agency.

Oh and by the way, Drew, would you be kind enough to let us know through your column when you will be coming back for a visit, Im sure many of us would like to stay off the roads while you are here. Some of us value our lives.

Cathy Calure