Democrats are at it again

Published 6:22 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Good grief. The Democrats are at it again. When they run out of viable intelligent arguments, they resort to mudslinging, name calling, and throwing insults.

Case in point, Heinz Mengs letter dated Feb. 12th. Mr. Meng stated, there is nothing dumber than a working class Republican.&bsp; That sort of low brow mentality has no place at the table of legitimate political debate. Voters have awakened to the fact that such rhetoric is a thin veil for vacuous ideas, as evidenced by the recent elections. &bsp;

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Contrary to Mr. Mengs statement, working class Republicans truly understand what makes the economy tick. It is certainly not government handouts. He also said that, For the few that have not the brains to figure out that it would be beneficial for our society go to any other country and learn your lessons. Well, I lived in Canada for three years and the health care system was a mess. I had to come to the U.S. for the majority of my health care. &bsp;

Oh, and by the way, the Prime Minister of Canada recently had to come to the U.S. for a heart procedure that was unavailable in Canada. What lesson should we learn from that?

Mr. Meng states that he does not have health insurance, nor do his friends. I have no idea whether that is because he cannot afford it, or whether he has chosen to do other things with his money, like millions of other Americans have chosen to do.

I have no knowledge of Mr. Mengs financial condition. What I do have knowledge of is the financial condition of the United States. &bsp;

We quite simply cannot afford to take on the expense of providing health care for tens of millions of people. The United States is hemorrhaging red ink at an unconscionable rate. The governments own financial experts project that by the year 2020, an astounding 80 percent of our revenue will be allocated to entitlements and interest payments on our debt. That only leaves 20 percent for all other government services and expenses, including the military.

The U.S. is virtually bankrupt. We are on the life support of borrowed money from foreign nations to pay our bills. Our once proud and self sufficient nation is borrowing money to pay the interest on borrowed money. Does that work at your house? It certainly doesnt at mine. The only house where people think that is a viable financial plan is the House of Representatives and I am working hard to drain that swamp this November.

According to all of the national polls, the majority of Americans do not want the health care plan as proposed by the House and Senate. That is hardly everyone except a few Republican fanatics as stated by Mr. Meng. Our nation simply does not have the money to pay for it and the people are getting that figured out. They dont want their childrens children to be forced into further indebtedness to pay for their health care.

Just look at virtually all of the government programs they are all obscenely over budget and broke, including Medicare and Social Security. &bsp;

This nation has lost its compass. Instead of being on our knees asking God for His guidance and blessings, we are on our knees begging China for more money to fund our outrageous and irresponsible spending habits. Its not working.

Cheryl Every