CAFA seeks ideas to support Tryon growth, prosperity

Published 6:38 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

When CAFA members met with newly elected Councilman Doug Arbogast back in December, he listened to our case in favor of rescinding the annexation vote and then challenged us to offer a positive way forward for the town.&bsp; We jumped at the chance.

Given our opposition to the involuntary annexation effort by the previous town council, some people might infer that CAFA is somehow anti-Tryon.&bsp; That is absolutely not the case.&bsp; We very much want to see the town do well and are more than willing to do what we can, on a voluntary basis, to see that it flourishes.&bsp; This wont be something new for us.&bsp; Our connections to Tryon run deep.&bsp; Weve been there all along, contributing in countless ways, from fighting fires to volunteering in Tryons civic organizations.&bsp; We donate money.&bsp; We shop and eat downtown.&bsp; We fill the seats at the Fine Arts Center.&bsp; Were part of the backbone of this community. &bsp;

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The new council is dedicated to finding a more constructive way forward in addressing whatever fiscal issues the town government may face.&bsp; We support them wholeheartedly. &bsp;

As for the health of the business and civic community, were eager to&bsp;put our best ideas, enthusiastic support, volunteer efforts, and consumer dollars&bsp;behind realizing the vision of a revitalized and prosperous Tryon.&bsp; We see no reason why everyone, including former adversaries, cant come together to&bsp;ensure that&bsp;this wonderful little town will always be a great place to live,&bsp;run a business, visit, and shop.&bsp; As a first step, were inviting all CAFA members and supporters to come up with their best ideas on what Tryon can do to not only survive but thrive.&bsp; How do we make the town even more special, attractive, and solidly grounded than it already is?

But revitalizing the town is going to take a big, broad-based, cooperative, and collaborative effort on the part of everyone, whether you live in Tryon or not, and regardless of your stance on the annexation.&bsp; So, we would ask all of those who care about the town to join in the effort.

The big question were asking everyone is this:&bsp; Given that growing through forced annexation is not the answer to the economic challenges faced by Tryons business community or any problems the town government might face in balancing its budget, what is?&bsp; Lets tap all the creativity, experience, and wisdom out there to come up with answers.

A more pointed question is What can each of us can do to help?

Tell us what you think.

Please send your ideas to Councilman Arbogast at and to us at

In the spirit of conciliation, unity, and shared purpose, we look forward to working side by side with all people of goodwill in creating a new and brighter chapter in Tryons history.

The CAFA Steering Committee: F.K. McFarland; Margaret Kell; Neb Conner; Rick Covil; Kirt Flynn; George Comparetto; Tom Waldenfels; Benny Smith; Caroline Chapman