Aunts Day

Published 6:31 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

To the Editor:

As we approach Valentines Day and then Mothers Day, it occurs to me that there is one set of members in our relationships that deserves more recognition than it gets. Its our aunts, or, as sometimes we refer to them, our aunties. Uncles, of course, are also important and make their unique contribution, but it seems to me that aunts are in a league by themselves.

I was blessed with several aunts. One looked after me while my parents were abroad, and I was a student. She taught me much about manners and decorum. Another was fun-loving, a great cook and easy to be around. A third, a music teacher, who helped me appreciate the importance of music in our lives. But there are other women who were surrogate aunts and had a significant impact on my life. And then there was my sister who was a loving aunt to my children, and they remember her with great fondness. My daughter is a devoted aunt to our granddaughter. Surely many of your readers have similar laudatory stories to relate about aunts in their lives.

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Mothers, fathers and valentines are certainly important. But they receive our attention in many ways. With aunts we sometimes take, or appear to take, their love and care for granted. So, I began to wonder Is there no day set apart to honor aunts and aunties?&bsp; I did some searching. Well, Ive discovered that some folk have designated such a day. Its not clear (as yet) to me on what authority. But, its March 8th.

And yet I see little or no evidence that the day is widely observed so that our aunts receive their due recognition. As a start, why dont we mark our calendars and give a call or send a greeting on or before March 8th to our aunts, family-related or otherwise, and tell them how much we love and appreciate them. And, if March 8th isnt recognized by the public at large, perhaps here in Polk County and the Foothills we could start a movement for such a day.

Eric Gass