New rules on barking dogs in Tryon

Published 7:33 pm Thursday, February 18, 2010

After having problems enforcing the towns noise ordinance as it pertains to barking dogs, Tryon Town Council approved an amended ordinance Tuesday with the hope of making it more enforceable.
One of the changes approved allows the town to issue a citation if three residents file a formal complaint about a particular barking dog.
The town has received complaints about a particular dog in the U.S. 176 North area, but the towns ordinance previously said an officer had to hear the dog barking in order for a citation to be issued.
Tryon Town Manager Justin Hembree says previously, officers and himself have responded to the area and never heard a dog barking.
The amended ordinance includes provisions that a dog has to be continuously barking for 10 minutes or more, or on and off for 30 minutes or more, before its considered a nuisance.
New regulations allow for either a town officer to respond and observe a dog barking and/or three residents can file a complaint and that is enough for a citation.
Dog owners cited for a noise ordinance violation will receive a $50 fine.
The alleged violator can appeal the citation to the town manager who will assess the situation and determine if the citation is warranted or if the fee can be reduced.
The cited person will have 15 days to pay the fine or the fine will increase by $50. For unpaid civil citations, the town can eventually attempt to collect through small claims court.

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