PCHS goes down the rabbit hole

Published 3:53 pm Thursday, February 4, 2010

This spring, the PC Players of Polk County High School will be chasing a white rabbit. No, not the Easter Bunny, but a large white rabbit who is always late.

In three shows on March 12 and 13, the PCHS auditorium stage will come alive with all the characters from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland in the stage musical, Disneys Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

The musical score and dialogue in this Disney remake has been updated for todays audiences, yet retains all the charm of the original 1951 animated film.

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In the title role, junior and theater veteran Sarah Costine plays the uncertain and oft confused Alice. Playing small Alice is elementary student and reigning Petite Miss PCHS Lauryn McCraw. Her cousin, Brooke McCraw, will play tall Alice.

Chasing the white rabbit, played by senior Matthew Alexander, Alice meets not one, but three cheshire cats. Acting in ensemble, the cats are played by Shelby Ramsey, Anna Costine, and Katelyn Duncan. Alices sister, Mathilda, will be played by sophomore Rachel Vining. Vining will also double in the roles of a rock lobster and a cardsman.

After crying a river of tears, Alice swims along with several of Wonderlands strangest creatures. The dodo bird (sophomore Ciera Wilson) calls to her rock lobsters (Alicia Pardoski, Emily Hardin, Amber Abunassar) to row harder. Also swimming in the tears are twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, played respectively by sisters Elizabeth and Joy Cavil.

Once Alice has dried off in the Caucus Race, she stumbles into a garden and meets some particularly snobby flowers, played by Caleigh Sauve, Hope Sams, Channing Marshal, Cabot Lee Petoia, and Savannah Callahan. Her feelings hurt by the vicious comments of the self-absorbed flowers, Alice is then comforted by the wise caterpillar (Candace Arrington).

Alice continues her adventures in Wonderland by participating in an Unbirthday Party Tea hosted by the Mad Hatter (David Tousey) and the March Hare (Taylor Carter). Leaving the insanity of the tea party, Alice happens upon a group of playing cards (Windie Denison, Isys Hennigar, Amber Abunassar, Heather Neal, and Lauren Bell) who are furiously painting white roses red in an attempt to assuage the anger of the Queen of Hearts (Haley Knighton).

The Queen, after challenging Alice to a game of Simon Says, loses to Alice and has the King of Hearts (Logan Byrd) preside over a tribunal charging that Alice willfully and with Alice of forethought, didst put a bee in her royal bonnet and cause our beloved Queen to lose her royal temper.

Will Alice lose her head to the Queen of Hearts? Will she ever get home? The PC Players production of Disneys Alice in Wonderland, Jr. holds the answers. The production dates are Friday and Saturday, March 12 and 13 at 7:30 p.m. and a special matinee on Saturday, March 13 at 2 p.m. Tickets go on sale at the Polk County High School on March 1.