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Interactive white boards enhance daily lessons at Polk Central

Students at Polk Central Elementary School are more actively participating in daily lessons these days with a Promethean ActivBoard.
The interactive whiteboard provides a large interactive display combining elements of a whiteboard, a computer and a front projector.
The ActivBoards engage students in classroom lessons and activities with vivid images, video and audio. Anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen can be projected onto an interactive whiteboard bringing every classroom to life.
“I think the ActivBoards are a great learning tool,” says second grade teacher Lori Dotson. “The students are motivated and excited to use them and there is a wealth of resources to pull from with these boards to create lessons that enhance my students learning.”
Students in Gail Spitznoggles classroom say that their favorite part of using the board are the “games” they get to play.
The “games” are actually interactive exercises that combine fun and learning for innovative subject lessons.
Students in Sandra Smiths classroom recently used the ActivBoard during a math lesson on angles, lines and rays.
Students took turns using the pen tool that acts like the mouse of a computer to diagram parts of a parallelogram and to answer questions from Ms. Smith.
The students not only actively participated in the lesson, but were then able to discuss ways in which the exercises they had just completed are applicable to everyday life and different careers.