Author needs to do some research before he speaks

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter in the TDB on Fri., Jan. 22. The title, Hey Al, tell us again about global warming. I did not quite get the title as there seemed to be no argument against global warming.

In paragraph two of the letter the author asserts that Nancy Pelosi and her cronies in congress are, in his words, toying with the idea of merging the United States, Canada and Mexico into the American Union.

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Allow me to reveal the facts. First it was to be called the North American Union. The rumor that such a move was afoot came about in March, 2005, when President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox met in Texas to discuss cooperating in areas of common interest, such as border security, improved trade relations and terrorists threats.

At that meeting no discussion of opening the borders and creating one new nation took place. Rumor had it the final merger would take place in 2010. A new currency would be minted called the Amero. And a super highway would be built from Mexico to Canada through the middle of the United States to connect the three countries in a straight line.

The author who accused the current leaders in congress of this event needs to do some research before he speaks. We all make mistakes and sometimes we jump to conclusions that are not based on fact.

Paragraphs one and three can be summed up by saying, if your right to bear arms is threatened you may call the ACLU and ask them to make it a constitutional test. They will work for you. They serve both the left and the right, but we generally hear only the far out examples provided by the news media.

In paragraph four the letter asks, Do you know where your president is? He just back from Hawaii how many vacation days does that jaob pay?

Well in the case of former President Bush, 879 by March of 2008. That was the last statistic I could find. That would mean President Bush was on vacation about 30 percent of his presidency. I need say no more.

It appears that the author has a traveling, vacationing bent himself since he can afford to go Alaska and Hawaii. Was he looking for Al Gore for advice? Or was he just letting us know that he can afford to travel?

I hope he paid his carbon foot print tax and ample amounts of money toward all that fuel burned on his trips.

David Bivens