Columbus decides not to annex Giardini’s

Published 7:43 pm Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giardinis Restaurant will not become a part of the Town of Columbus.
Columbus Town Council declined to accept the voluntary annexation request from Giardini’s last week.
Columbus held a public hearing to consider the voluntary annexation and decided not to annex the property.
Giardinis is located 1.6 miles from town limits, off Hwy. 108 going towards Mill Spring. The restaurant is located 0.9 miles from the Diamond B Quick Shop across from Polk County High School, which is a satellite annexation of the town.
Council members did not motion to annex the property, thus denying the request.
Council member Michael Gage said during the last couple of years town residents have been telling council members that if the town cant be taken care of as it is now, how can it take care of new properties.
“Their business is great but I dont want to see the town grow until were ready to grow,” said Gage.
The only public comments during the hearing came from Kathleen Kent, who expressed concern over the town annexing the property.
Giardini owners also spoke saying they want to be annexed to obtain town services, such as police. They did say they would not require water and sewer services and with a satellite annexation, the town would not be required to run water and sewer lines, according to town attorney Bailey Nager.
Owners did say currently they serve beer and wine through brown bagging and it the business would have been annexed, it could have applied for a beer and wine permit.

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