She fills my heart

Published 7:26 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please forgive me for entitling this story with a line from the Love Story song, but today has been an emotional roller coaster for me.

Ill begin in the middle of the day where I was picking up Lorelei and taking her to F.H.S. to be microchipped and evaluated with other dogs. The following day, she was due to go to my friend Cynthias for some healthy play and R&R to build up her muscles a little more.

Lorelei was from the story Abandoned that was published on November 6.

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Shes a three year old shepherd-mastiff mix who had been left alone and was struck by a vehicle. Her left rear leg was broken and her right hip bone was knocked out of its joint.

After extensive surgery and over a month in rehab, Lorelei finally was able to rise up on all fours. At this point, shes still a bit wobbly, hence, the exercise, but otherwise, she has healed perfectly and is good to go.

All those who know me, know how I pour my heart out to my kids, its plain to see because I wear it on my sleeve. Every now and then, one of them touches me to the very core of my being; Lorelei is such a case.

Each time I visited her, she would drag herself over to me, with her tail thumping and a look of absolute joy on her face.

Through it all, never once did her spirit or her love for life fade one iota. If anything, it seems to grow each time I see her. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this beautiful girl will understand the meaning of love for as long as her heart beats.

As I took her from Landrum vet, the whole staff told me how much they loved having her around. On the way over to the shelter, I sat Lorelei on the front seat next to me and as I drove, she laid her head on my lap, her eyes full of love and trust. I whispered a silent prayer, Lord, if you took me now I would be content. When I brought her to the shelter, the staff had been waiting, Hi Lorelei, they shouted in unison. You should of seen it, Lorelei tried to split herself into five dogs at once attempting to greet each person at the same time. Her whole body was wiggling with joy, Look at me, look at me, she seemed to say. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, It does not get any better than this.

My morning was a little bit different, hence my roller coaster emotions. It had to do with my story Room at the inn, concerning Joseph, the long haired Daschund. In the story, I had thanked Mary Talbot and her family for giving up their Christmas presents to support my fund and other animal related charities, namely Chicken Soup and her daughters Boykin Spaniels. I made it a point to say that Josephs care was on her. On Monday, the January 4, I received this email from Allyn Johnson at Boykin Spaniel Rescue.

Good morning Lennie, just wanted to let you know that Mom passed away on January 1 at 2:18 a.m. My best friend found your article, which was unbelievable timing. Your article went with her. Thank youis not enough.

I spent the morning with Tim Allyn and their family. I just did not know how to process this wonderful giving family who shared this wonderful woman with me, thanking me when it is I who should be giving all the thanks. I readily admit that I am shameless when it comes to raising funds for my kids.

Today, I cant think of anything more appropriate than to send a prayer to sweet Jesus for Mary and Joseph.

Thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo