Question true function of the chamber

Published 6:50 pm Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To the Editor:

After reading all the commentary on canceling the BBQ festival I would question the true function of the Chamber of Commerce. Is it not the main function or mission of a chamber to promote the growth of their members businesses? If this is true which, I know it is, then why would it kill the single largest event that promotes our community.

Perhaps the bottom line is minimal but how much revenue does the BBQ festival increase the business of local merchants? Do the attendees not buy things when they are visiting Polk County? How many tourists does it attract? How many locals form family reunions around it, which bring people here that ordinarily would not be here.

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How about all the supplies that are bought for the BBQ festival, are they not bought locally? So now the poor person who drives the beer distributors truck to deliver the 1,000 cases of beer has to worry about his job security. How do vendors make up for those losses in tough times?

There has been a enormous push for everyone to buy local and support local businesses, I know we make every effort to buy local and to support the chambers program.

I think the Foothills Chamber of Commerce should look very deeply at the real reason for their existence, it has not to make a huge profit but, to promote the development of their members.

As for their reasons to terminate the festival they are all correctable with some business savvy.

Dr. Joseph Picone