Don’t take your holidays for granted

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas is a time of giving and getting together with families. Stories are shared and love is received. Everyone gathers around the Christmas tree and rejoices in the year passed.&bsp; Carols are sung, and prayers are prayed. Everyone lives in perfect harmony for a moment in their lives when its Christmastime. Family is the most important thing to you at that time, at least if you have a family.

On Thanksgiving Day, five years ago, my aunt died of ovarian cancer. It was very traumatic, because she and I were very close. The Easter before Christmas, I spent the whole day with her, and we really bonded, but then she died and left me! I felt abandoned! My birthday is the day after Christmas, and she was always there at my parties.&bsp; It took a lot of strength for me to realize that she wasnt going to be there that year.

We spent so much time together. I have been told that I resemble her in so many ways:&bsp; my generosity, my courtesy, and my caring all come from her. She worked with children at a day care. She spent her time looking out for the young ones and being a role model for the kids. I always looked up to her.&bsp; She was my role model, my hero, and the wind beneath my wings.

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Her name was Martha, and she meant everything to me. My most remembered moment with her was when she took me to Frankies Fun Park. We rode the water boats and squirted water at each other and laughed all the way. We then went to play putt-putt and she beat me at it by two strokes.

We have so many memories together. Throughout my entire childhood, she would always be there to comfort me when there was a problem. She was at all of our get-togethers and all of our holiday celebrations, even when she was fighting her cancer. Thats probably why shes my hero. She fought everything without giving up.&bsp; She was so strong, even when she was weak!&bsp; I only hope that I can be as mentally strong as she.&bsp; She was a beautiful person both inside and out. I wish to be like that one day.

I guess one of the reasons she meant so much to me was because we did so much together.&bsp; The Christmas that year was the loneliest because it was the first without her. Im learning to move on, and now Im doing better with coping with the pain; however, just because I dont feel it, doesnt mean its not there.

Life without a family member is hard. We never realize how much they mean to us until they are gone. So, dont take your holidays for granted and count your blessings because one day you might wake up in your world, alone. &bsp;

Cassie Couch is a student in Alan Peoples’ freshman language arts class at Polk County High School.