Repeating the past

Published 4:16 pm Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In August of 2008, I wrote of Radar, a sweet black Boxer mix with white markings that I grew quite fond of, the tale was entitled This ones for me. He was such a handsome and loving dog, I was sure hed be adopted. Two weeks later, I wrote, Radar, the one that got away because Radar did get adopted off the internet and wound up in New Jersey.

I ,of course (tongue in cheek) lamented that one of my kids wound up so far away. Truth be told, many photos and little tales of Radar have been sent my way via Erin, his new owner and he is in a healthy, happy and loving home.

Enter Helena. Helena is a three year old Boxer Amstaff mix who, without a doubt, is mostly Boxer ala Radar.

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One look at her and she immediately reminded me of the one I lost (again tongue in cheek) My God, I said, shes a female Radar. The last time this happened was the stories of John and Jeremiah, the black Great Danes.

Helena was brought to F.H.S. on September 25, nursing seven very tiny pups. She was a little thin, but knew what her job was. On September 29, her and her pups were fostered by Kelly Vinesett who lives nearby the shelter. Kelly marveled about her sweetness and what a good mother she was. One by one her pups were weaned and sent off to rescue and by the end of November, Helena was alone and was sent off to be spayed.

Helena is a little shy and not quite as outgoing as Radar was, but I havent any doubt that will change in a good loving home.

We know shes a loyal and loving girl, witness the care of her pups and under adverse circumstances. We know she has a sweet disposition, just ask Kelly or myself, biased though we may be, fact is fact.

I have only one fear, Erin might see Helena on the internet also and then Ill have to write another follow up article, The two that got away and I just may be doing it from New Jersey.

Seriously, ask about Helena and if you decide to change her name, I recommend Jewel, she is a gem.

Thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo