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U.S. FTC requests help to stop medical discount card fraud

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) needs the publics help in halting a surge in the fraudulent marketing of medical discount cards. In these schemes, marketers typically represent that consumers will receive low-cost health insurance or medical benefits.

In reality, consumers do not receive health insurance or any meaningful medical benefits. Instead, they receive a card that purports to provide discounted rates with medical providers. Consumers find that the promised discounted rates are illusory.

These bogus medical discount programs are marketed to consumers in a variety of ways, including illegal recorded telephone calls (robocalls), unsolicited faxes, radio and television ads, and web sites. Regardless of the medium, the ads often target seniors, claiming that the discount cards will supplement Medicare.

The FTC, which is the federal governments consumer protection agency, brings federal court law enforcement actions to stop fraud and obtain refunds for consumers.

If you have information about a medical discount card scheme, or learn of a victim of such a scheme, contact the FTC by calling Artie DeCastro at 202-326-2747

article submitted by N.C. Assistant Attorney General David Kirkman