New Years resolutions

Published 9:12 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Three years ago, I wrote a column about New Years resolutions, and forgive me if I return to this fascinating subject. In my previous column, I rather danced around the issue without giving any specific suggestions. Most writers and columnists are quite direct with their advice. Since I am three years older and have acquired much more knowledge, I will try again. I will begin with the disclaimer that you are certainly free to ignore some or all of it.

First, citing advice from that book from a few years ago, dont sweat the small stuff.

Secondly, try to change as much of the big stuff as possible into the category of small stuff.

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Then, accent the positive of whats left and forget the rest.

Diet and rules for eating are also very important. Here, I have two basic suggestions.

Dont eat road kill or anything that could eat you first. This kept me safe from alligators during the time we lived in Florida and we fortunately did not run into too many lions and tigers Resolutions about exercise are also very important. First, keep moving so people dont think you are some piece of statuary, or worst yet, some item to be repainted. If you are into buying exercise equipment, wait until at least May as most of the January purchases by individuals will be available at half price or less.

Take a long look at the major religions of the world. There is some excellent advice to be found there, but sometimes you wonder who pays any attention to it.

Finally, there was a little girl who was either on the radio or TV (my memory fails me at this point) who said If you cant say nothing good, dont say nothing at all.

Armed with all this advice, go out and have a great 2010.~ On the Light Side written by Paul E. Nelson