St. Lukes Hospital acquires new rehabilitation treadmill through grants

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, December 24, 2009

St. Lukes Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Services now has a BioStep GaitTrainer 2 Treadmill, the only treadmill that monitors and records patient progress.

Made possible from funds provided by the Cannon Foundation, Bank of America and donors restricted gifts to the St. Lukes Hospital Foundation, St. Lukes Outpatient Rehabilitation has been using the treadmill for several weeks and say they only have raves from patients, physicians and staff for the new piece of equipment.

Patients are motivated by the real-time audio and visual biofeedback, says Scott McDermott, St. Lukes Hospital rehab director. Patients are prompted into proper gait patterns; step length, step speed and step symmetry. After each session on the treadmill, information is printed to let us know how the patient is progressing.

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The BioStep treadmill is ideal for many types of patients including those who have suffered a stroke, a spinal cord injury, a head injury, an amputation or a neurologic disorder.

This treadmill is also a perfect compliment to rehab after orthopaedic surgery such as a knee or hip replacement, says Dr. Brian Rosenberg, orthopaedic surgeon with Rosenberg Bone and Joint. The printed information I receive as my patients are involved in their therapy only helps us better plan the strategy for their recovery. We can physically see their improvements and plan accordingly.

Our new BioStep treadmill is already having a positive effect on the progress of patients undergoing rehabilitation here at St. Lukes. When our patients return home, we want them to be confident of their ability to walk, climb steps, and return to their daily activities. Our new BioStep treadmill is a major tool in giving them that confidence.

Because the treadmill has a zero starting speed with 0.1 mph increments, it is perfect for working with patients who are afraid of falling, explains McDermott. We use the system to promote normal walking patterns, help develop balance and coordination, improve strength and range of motion, and to provide quantified, documented progress to both the patient and their physician.

To learn more about the BioStep treadmill or to schedule an appointment, call St. Lukes Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at 828-894-8419.