NCDOT offers tips to keep you safe after an accident or breakdown

Published 3:12 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Travelers on North Carolina interstates or highways can take steps to stay safe in an emergency. These simple steps you can help keep you, your family and those who might stop to help you safe.

If the car is drivable and no one is injured:

Move as far off the road as possible.

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NC fender-bender law requires drivers to move vehicles off the roadway if no one is injured.

Move to the RIGHT side of the road if possible.

This applies in an accident. If the car can be driven, move it off the shoulder of the road, into the grass if you can do so safely.

Call for help.

You can call the State Highway patrol at *HP or 911 to report your location and have help arrive.

Use your signal.

If a car is coming up behind you tap your breaks so they can see you clearly.

If someone is hurt, or the car is not drivable:

Remain in the car until help arrives.

Interstates and Highways are hazardous for people outside of their vehicles. Your car or truck offers you protection from other drivers.

Keep your seatbelt fastened.

In all situations:

Turn on your hazard lights.

Never exit the car on the side of oncoming traffic.

Even if you can see them coming in your direction, they might not see you until it is too late. If a car swerves, or changes lanes, you could be in the line of danger in a split second.

If you must get out of your car, move as far from the roadway as possible make sure you are on the opposite side of any barriers (guard rails, fences) so that any car coming will not reach you if it also has an accident.

Keep a safety kit in your vehicle in case of an accident at night this will help other drivers see you.

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