Green Team leads PCHS recycling using new trailer

Published 10:10 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Polk County High Schools Green Team was started three years ago with a small group of four students whose goal was to educate the school population and eventually the community about mans impact on the environment.
The team is now 48 members strong and, in collaboration with the Polk County government, leading the recycling efforts at Polk County High School with the countys mobile recycling trailers.
The students and their sponsor, teacher Sergey Zalevskiy, say that the club focuses on education and promotion of sustainable living. They focus their efforts on the “Three Rs,” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The club is led by student officers: president Anna Koenig, a sophomore, vice-president Maggie Conner, a senior, and secretary/treasurer Micah Pearsons, a junior.
“We hope to make everybody aware of the responsibility we have for the environment for future generations,” says Koenig.
The PCHS Green Team not only will oversee the schools recycling efforts during the daily operation of the school, but it will also help in gathering and sorting recyclables at sports events and other activities. The school will be heading up the largest recycling effort in the county to date, according to officials.
“This area is so beautiful and it would be really sad if future generations werent able to experience it like we are now,” says Pearsons. “We want to use this project to branch out to the community so that recycling becomes a habit, like second nature to everybody. We want to educate others on the different ways they can go green.”
“It is also important to us to help others understand that individuals do have an impact and that you can make a difference,” says Conner. “Every little bit helps and we want to spread this message to the community.”
The club has adopted a quote by Gandhi as its motto: “Be the
The students hold annual
Each year they plant trees in honor of graduating seniors at
PCHS Green Team contactchange you wish to see in the world.” events for Space Week and Earth Day and have recently adopted a highway. the school and they sell T-shirts that are made from N.C. sustainably grown cotton and environmentally friendly dyes.information: Sergey Zalevskiy, sponsor, PCHS, 894-2525, Student officers: Anna Koenig, Maggie Conner and Micah Pearsons.

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