A White Christmas

Published 2:07 pm Monday, December 21, 2009

This tale is of two separate cases involving three dogs, Hugo, the American bulldog, 2 years old (all white) and two white Boxers, Gracie and Miller, also 2 years old.

Where Hugo is concerned, I feel as if Im pounding the same drum over and over again but the facts remain the same. I wont go into the circumstances of how he found his way to our doorstep, just to say that often these stories arent pretty or are just downright sad.

There he sat in his cage, strong as an ox (63 pounds of solid muscle) and high heartworm positive. In I go as I want to do and I was immediately attacked, dont be frightened, I mean with kisses and hugs. I also found out he was a cookie monster. On our walk, I prepared myself to be tugged all over creation, this is one exuberant boy. But on our walk, he tugged at me but didnt drag, which means he eased up when the leash became taut, ala Jeremiah, the big black Dane.

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Back in his cage I asked him to stay and he just sat, which prompted me to kiss him between the eyes. He is now at Landrum vet via Uncle Lennie Urgent Care Fund and after he finishes his heartworm treatment he will be fixed (neutered, that is). The staff at the vet absolutely love him (why not) and I look forward to walking him as often as I can when I visit Lorelei, the abandoned dog who was struck by a car. As an aside, Lorelei has finally gotten up on her hind legs and is beginning to get around on her own. This little siren steals a piece of my heart every day.

Gracie and Miller are a completely different type of story. Many of you may think that a white Boxer is an anomaly, but when first bred they were always white. Today of course, they are the lesser known of the breed. Also, if you check their lineage youll find that they are cousins to the bulldog, which solidifies my affinity for both breeds. Ive never met Gracie and Miller, but Ive read their files and I know their story. As you may imagine, I receive countless emails and phone calls and these two came to my attention via email from Judith Kerns, my ace photographer.

It was a simple messageSend this photo to Lennie, hes a boxer fanatic and hell do something about it.

The story of these two is also quite simple. They are both perfectly healthy and loving Boxers who have not been mistreated in anyway. Their owners simply cannot afford to keep them, but will hold on to them as foster parents until we find them a home. God bless these people, I wish we had more who put the animals first when difficult decisions have to be made.

So to all of you out there, keep these beautiful creatures in mind if you will. Here in the Carolinas, the chances of a white Christmas are pretty remote, take one of these beauties home and youll not only have something white for Christmas, youll have a gift that will bring you joy throughout the year.

Again, Merry Christmas and thanks for listening.~ Special Cases written by Leonard Rizzo