Tryon councilmen explain their decisions on annexation

Published 3:31 pm Friday, December 18, 2009

Editors note:
Roy Miller
As I have stated previously, annexation was a piece of the puzzle to help stabilize our city. We as a council have to decide what we can do to replace that piece. I respect the decision made by the council, but we are facing (in my opinion) some hard decisions concerning our future. Some citizens have suggested turning in the towns charter, others have suggested reducing personnel. We simply cannot raise rates any higher than they are. Where do we go from here is the question.
Dennis Durham
As you know my primary objective is the long term viability of the Town of Tryon and to financially make it fair and equitable for all the the people who live, work and benefit from the town. I believe annexation is one of several options to accomplish this. In the recent election the resident voters had a clear choice of those for and against annexation. Through their vote or lack of they did not chose those candidates who supported annexation. Thus we have the newly elected council who has decided to rescind the annexation and move forward with the towns business. I think we should give them our support to find a different option that hopefully will ensure the long term success of Tryon.Following are responses from former Tryon town councilman Dennis Durham and current Tryon councilman Roy Miller who were both in favor of the town continuing its involuntary annexation effort. Durham was defeated in Novembers election and attended his last meeting on Tuesday. Miller cast the sole vote against the towns decision Tuesday to rescind the annexation.

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